Because You're Worthy to Remember

      We are passionate about innovation, quality and service. We develop and produce high quality personal care and beauty products for many of the world’s leading brands. In partnering with these ambitious brand owners we have come to understand that it is critical to bring innovative product solutions to support their brand strategies. This is  the ‘creating for tomorrow’ part of our customer commitment.

     We also understand that whilst innovation is the lifeblood of our customer’s  business, there is also a non-negotiable requirement to deliver the day to day quality and service that underpins business performance. This is our ‘delivering for today’ commitment.

Our Product

       Our mission is to make Beauty and Personal Care products that uplift and inspire, that are taken to the heart of every home, that pioneer and excite. As such, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of possibility in our range of formulations and our adoption of technological advances. To drive innovation we invest in facilities, employ great people and stay ahead of emerging trends: we are highly creative, flexible and progressive, and our clients experience the benefits of this attitude with every new product.

       Our commitment to excellence in quality standards is a core element of our business. We continually strive to exceed industry standards by close control and monitoring of raw materials, components and finished goods. Our Certified Accreditations include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SEDEX registered, FSC Chain of Custody and BRC global non-food standard.